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Roots And Herbs Sacred Metal Kansa Wand

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Roots And Herbs Sacred Metal Kansa Wand Natural Botox & Detoxification Treatment (Ayurvedic Facial Massager) Concerns The Product Solves : Natural Botox & Detoxification Treatment Type(Skin/Hair) : All Women / Men / Unisex : Unisex Frequency Of Use : 2/3 Times A Day For 10 Mins Pack Size (gms/ml/oz) : 1 Unit Ingredients : 80 % Copper & 20 % Tin (Kansa Metal) With Handcrafted Teakwood Wand Method Of Application : 1) Third Eye Chakra – Make Firm Circular Motions From Between The Brows & Then Going Out To Both Sides Of The Forehead. 2) Around The Eye Area – Starting From The Under Eye & Work Your Way Out To The Temple In Circular Motion, Then Going Around The Eye 3) Cheeks – Targeting Marma Points All Over The Face ,Next Is The Cheek Area From Both Sides Of The Bridge Of Your Nose. 4) Chin & Jawlines – Start From Your Chin With Circular Motions & Work Your Way Up , Lifting The Jawlines. 5) Neck Area – Work The Wand From Bottom To Up Of Your Neck. Benefits / Product Description : The Magical Sacred Metal Of This Kansa Wand Works Like A Natural Botox By Lifting Skin & Visibly Reducing Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Helps With Facial Detoxification, Releases Toxins, Pulls Acidity From Deep Facial Tissues,Reduces Puffiness ,Revitalises Complexion , Eliminates Lymph Stagnation & Balances The Ph Of The Skin For That Royal Glow ! As ” Kansa” Begins To Draw Out Inflammation & Toxins , There Might Be A Greying Effect Visible During Or After The Massage . Which Is A Sign That The Acidity , Is Being Released When The Metal Combines With The Body’S Electromagnetic System. Though This Might Not Happen To Everyone , If It Occurs , Just Wipe It Off With A Soft Tissue & Continue With The Massage Caution : Though Natural,Metal Might Be Allergic To Few. Discontinue Use If Any Irritaion Occurs For External Use Only U.S.P. : Certified Scared & Pure Metal

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