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Beardo Beard Softener For Men, 50 gm

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DESCRIPTION - Due to daily dust and pollution, lot of dust particles get collected in your beard. Dryness adds to the mess and makes the beard susceptible to itchiness and other infections. Using Beardo Beard Softener daily after washing your beard will provide the much needed moisture and care to your beard making it soft, shiny and caressable.

The unkempt and messy look is appealing but a beard must not be pokey to touch. Not only does that feel irritable to touch but may also cause discomfort due to dryness and itchiness. The best way to soften men's beard hair is by providing a right amount of moisture and nourishment and Beardo's Beard Softener is the best you can get. Make your beard hair soft and manageable using Beardo's Beard Softener which has a non-greasy formula and contains natural ingredients like sweet almond oil, argan oil, sunflower oil, green tea seed oil, camellia seed oil and aloe vera extracts.


Beardo Beard Softener has a non-greasy formula and it can be used in all weathers With regular use and care using Beardo beard wash and beard softener, your beard will become softer and shinier gradually It has the goodness of argan oil, almond and sunflower oil that is beneficial for skin and hair This beard oil softens your beard hair; prevents itchiness and flakiness and provides moisture and nourishment About the Brand: Beardo, the leading men's personal care and grooming brand has wide range of products for men daily grooming routine, including hair, beard, mustache, skin and face care products. The Beardo range of products include beard oils, beard washes, moustache wax, beard serum, soap and many more products. Most of the products are made from 100 percent natural and organic ingredients.

INGREDIENTS - Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera Extracts, Argan Oil, Green Tea Seed Oil, Camellia Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Sweet Almond Oil

HOW TO USE - Cleanse: Clean and wash your face and beard using a face wash.

Apply: Apply beard softener on the clean beard hair and rub through the beard. Comb the beard for detangling.

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