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Beardo De-Tan Peel Off Mask, 100 gm

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DESCRIPTION - Our skin fights pollution and sun rays daily, while the face wash and scrubs we use clean our skin and keep it free of infections and damage. But since our skin is porous, the products we use may not completely remove dirt, dead skin cells and tan from it. That's why Beardo has come up with an all new De Tan Peel-Off Mask for men, which will not only deep cleanse your skin, but will also be effective in removing the tan. Enriched with coffee and aloe vera extracts, this peel off mask exfoliates the skin and leaves the skin looking brighter and lighter. Coffee extracts rejuvenate the skin, while aloe vera heals, soothes and protects the skin from the harmful effects of sun.

Follow a cleansing regime for men using Beardo De Tan Combo that includes a facewash and a scrub and follow it up with Beardo De Tan Peel-off Mask to reveal your original glowing complexion. Using the Peel-off mask once every week will help you in getting a clearer and healthier skin.


De-tanning peel off mask that effectively removes sun tans and restores skin's natural glow Enriched with coffee and aloe vera extracts this mask rejuvenates and detoxifies the skin Eliminates dead skin cells, dirt and excess sebum caused by external aggressors and pollutants If used regularly this mask can remove blackheads and whiteheads and leave it look clean and clear Soothes sun damaged skin and keeps skin infections such as acne at bay About the Brand: Beardo is devoted to the discerning urban man who likes to grow and maintain his beard. The brand is known for its awesome grooming and shaving products that will make you look stylish and classic. Beardo products help to well maintain men's beard, skin and hair in the most effective natural way. All Beardo products are made from the choicest quality ingredients and finest natural blends of oil. Beardo range of products include beard oils, beard washes, moustache wax, beard serum, soap and many such products.

INGREDIENTS - Key Ingredients:

Aloe Vera: It hydrates skin, fights ageing, reduces acne and renders a healthy glow Coffee Extracts: Packed with antioxidants and reduces inflammation HOW TO USE - Cleanse: Cleanse your face with the Beardo De Tan Face Wash to get all the dirt out, for better results follow it with a scrub.

Take: Take a blob of Beardo De Tan Peel-off Mask and apply it evenly on your face with upward strokes. Do not apply around the eyes or on lips. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes and let it dry.

Peel: Touch the mask lightly to see if the layer is dry. In case it isn't let it dry for few more minutes. Once dry, smile to loosen the mask and then gently peel the mask off from the edges. Clean the residue with a wet towel.

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